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Job details​

I offer one-on-one and group acting coaching, movement lessons, dividing theater lessons, and discussion classes on related topics. I have also experienced classes via Zoom. We can suggest lessons that match the needs and interests of participants. The acting method used is a physical approach that focuses on acting techniques that are often used in Europe and America, including the UK. ​

the study

・'Believable' acting in psychophysical acting (an acting approach that uses the actor's mind and body as two wheels) centered on viewpoints by Grotowski, Chekhov, Anne Bogart, and Tina Landau

・Pedagogy that focuses on students and participants rather than teachers, and proposes lessons that are better for them (Radical Pedagogy)

・Dividing theater where each actor can contribute equally to the production of the work.

・Research to overcome the unequal situations faced by actors in rehearsal halls and education in Japan and the UK

・Japanese contemporary theater 


- Physical approach acting methods such as Grotowski and Viewpoints

-Skills and knowledge of other acting methods commonly used in the UK

- Ensemble building

-Group lessons

-One-on-one lessons

- Online classes via Zoom

-Writing papers and essays

-Presentation creation and presentation

​Started working as an actor trainer/facilitator 2020-
Theater Arts Team Ti-pos

As a co-founder, director, and playwright, he has announced past performances HaKUSHI (October 2018) and me (August 2019)  


Toho Gakuen College of Art

As a workshop assistant, I am mainly involved in acting methods used in Europe and America.


Japanese (native language)

English (Bilingual oral, written fluency)

Academic background
The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Master of Fine Arts of Actor Training and Coaching
University of London

-Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London)

Actor training and coaching course

Master's degree

London Academy of Music Art
Diploma of English Communication Skills through Drama


English Communication Skills Through Drama


Toho Gakuen Junior College of Arts Major in Theater

Toho Gakuen College of Arts, Artist Drama Major
junior college graduate

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