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What is Divising Theater?

-from the beggining to the end,the actorCreate works independently.

Divising theater (or divising process or divided theater) is a way of making theater that originated in Europe and America and developed particularly since the 1960s. In contrast to the common production method, in which the playwright and director prepare the final form of the script or work to some extent from the beginning, and other actors and other participants work to realize it, Diva At Ising Theater, all participants make use of their individuality to create works from scratch. So when we start working on a piece of work, no one knows what kind of work it will end up being. There are many different types of dividing theater, but I think this method can be used as one definition.

Specifically, participants in the project choose what will serve as their initial inspiration for creating a piece of work (this can range from their own memories, experiences, thoughts, to poems, paintings, and books), and then use improvisation, etc. This includes creating a work using theatrical methods and intellectual research, further developing the work from the objective perspective of a director, and even performing the actual performance.

What I would like you to note here is that at Dividing Theater, the actors are artists who work independently to create their work. In addition to the role of realizing what directors and playwrights want to create, Dividing Theater proposes acting activities that serve as an artist's role in creating a work from scratch.


In particular, my approach to divising theater allows everyone involved in the divising to know and respect fair power relations and the same and different parts of each other, so that collaboration can be successful and everyone can express their own views. The purpose is to reflect this in the creation of works and to be able to further develop them.

​Would you like to create a work as an artist using the dividing theater method? We also hold workshops. Please feel free to contact us.

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